Responsible body according to the data protection acts, especially the general data protection regulation (GDPR), is:


Alfred Neumann GmbH & Co KG 
Kevin Eick 
Bosteler Feld 29 
21218 Seevetal


Rights of concerned persons


By contacting our below mentioned data security officer, you have the following rights at any time:


  • Information about your data saved by us, and the usage of those,
  • Correction of false saved personal data,
  • Deletion of your data saved by us,
  • Limited usage of those data, which we are forced to safe by law,
  • Protest against the usage of your data by us at all and
  • Data transfer, as far as you agreed to the usage of your data by- or signed a contract with us.


In case of a permission for the usage of your data, you have the right to withdraw this permission at any time.


For a complaint, you can contact the for you responsible controlling authority (CA) at any time. The responsible CA is defined by your place of residence, of work or of the potential violation. You can find a list of the CA’s (of the non-public sector), including addresses, here:


Purpose for the usage of the data by the responsible body and by a third party


We use your data only for the in this data privacy statement mentioned purposes. We will not transfer your data to a third party for other purposes. We will only transfer your personal data, if


  • You gave your clear permission,
  • The usage is important to fulfill the contracts signed with you,
  • The usage is necessary for being in accordance with state law,


the usage is important in order to meet reasonable interest and there is no reason to assume that the protectable interest of not passing on your data is more important.






The visit of our website


When you visit our website, your IP-Address will be captured and saved in logfiles. Our provider saves the IP-Addresses of our visitors, in order to spot and fend potential attacks, but not longer than seven days.




This website uses Google Maps API, in order to place geographical information visually. By the usage of Google Maps, data about the usage of the map function by visitors of our website will be saved by Google. More information about the data handling by Google are accessible at the Google privacy policies on their website. There, you can also change your personal data settings at the data security center.


Integrated YouTube-Videos


On some of our websites, YouTube-Videos will be integrated. Operator of those Plugins is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you visit a website with youtube-Plugins, a connection to the servers of YouTube will be installed. Herewith, YouTube will receive the information which website you are visiting. When you are logged in at your YouTube Account, YouTube will know about your online habits. You can avoid that by logging out of YouTube before visiting our website.


By starting a video, YouTube will activate cookies, analyzing your using-habits.


If you deactivated the saving of cookies for the Google-Ad-Program already, you won’t need to worry about those cookies when you are watching YouTube-Videos. However, YouTube will save other, not personal related, cookies. If you want to avoid that, you will have to blog cookies in your browser.


Addittional information about data safety at those providers you will find here:


Social Plugins


We use social Plugins on our websites from the below mentioned providers. You can recognize the Plugins by the logo accordingly.


Through those Plugins, information, including personal related, may be transfered to and used by the service provider. We avoid the unknown and not wanted transfer of data by the 2-click-solution. To activate a wanted Social Plugin, it has to be confirmed by a click accordingly. Only by this click, the transfer and analysis of data by those service providers will be activated. There will be no data saved and analyzed by ourselves.


We have no influence of the kind of data being transferred and how it will be used. It has to be assumed that there will be a direct connection to the services of the provider and that at least the IP-address and Hardware-related information will be gathered and used. There is also a possibility that the provider will try to install cookies on your hardware. For information about what data specifically will be gathered and how it will be used, please look into the data safety information of those providers. Attention: If you are logged into Facebook, it will be able to know which sites you are visiting.


On our website, we have a Plugin included of following company:


Facebook Inc.


Menlo Park, CA. 5557




Changes in our data safety policy


In the case of changing laws, or additional services by us, our data privacy statement might change. In that case, the new one is valid within your next visit.


Questions for the data safety officer


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our data safety officer at any time.


Kevin Eick